How to earn free 10$ to 100 dollars daily

How to earn free 10$ to 100 dollars daily

This platform it’s a good platform where a user can earn money and withdraw freely without investing a single kobo. More especially if you are good in refferls the way you invite people the more you earn much dollars and you can withdraw it without deposit

How can I register with this platform

To register with this platform you need to click this link.

Immediately you click on this link it will take you to the website of this platform or to the registration background, it’s very simple to register.

Steps to register

1. Put your phone number make sure you remove the first zero for example. 7010000000.

2. Choose your password make sure you use numbers and characters in Choosing your password to avoid scammers from scamming.

3. After that you need to put refferls code 2463843 make you see it in the recommendation column and scroll down to the next column.

4.Input your WhatsApp number if you are interested if not you can live it blank.

5.Select your security question recovery. This a recovery backup password you make sure you choose a simple question and put the answer so that you can remember it all the time.

6.Click on agree and click in continue that’s all you have signed.

After this you will automatically get 5$ for free to perform daily task each day.

How to perform task and earn money everyday

Click on home after that you will see my task click on it and on VIP 0 after you click on VIP 0 you will see recieve click on recieve for 5 task you can watch this YouTube video

to understand how to perform task and make money in this platform.

How to earn my inviting your friends to join the platform

Click on home and you will see invite friend click on it then copy your refferls link and share it to your friends and family members.

Each 100 people you refer you will earn extra money free and if they recharge you will get bonus. And you can withdraw your earning withing some days of its reach the withdrawal requirements.

How to add your wallet address and withdraw your money

To withdraw your money you need to add your TRC 20 usdt wallet address and the minimum withdrawal is 5 dollars the maximum amount to withdraw is base on your VIP upgrade.

How to recharge and upgrade your VIP to earn more money everyday

Firstly click on recharge on top right hand after that copy the TRC20 wallet address and send the usdt you want upgrade depending on the VIP you wish to upgrade.

After you successfully pay wirte the amount on the provided column and click on submit, give it some little time it will be reflected in your wallet and upgrade your VIP.

Make sure you save your password

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